Easing the Burden of Being Prepared

HealthFirst offers automated, comprehensive medical emergency readiness

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It’s not “if” a medical emergency will happen in your dental practice—it’s “when.” Make sure you're always ready with the right medical response products, services and training.

Learn how one flat annual fee now covers all you need to maintain a medical emergency kit.

E-Book Contents

  • Four Key Elements of Medical Emergency Preparedness
  • Evolution of Dental Office Emergency Readiness, with Dr. Stanley Malamed
  • How a Seattle Dentist Simplifies His Office Emergency Medical Kit Program
  • Practice Partner Program: One Annual Fee Keeps Your Kit up to Date
  • HealthFirst Medical Emergency Readiness Training and Resources

As dentists, we want to be prepared, we know medical emergencies can happen, but we hope it never does happen.  Be prepared!


Dr. Stanley Malamed
Dental anesthesiologist